Welcome to White Monkey Tai-Chi & Qigong

毋教猱升木  “Do not teach a monkey to climb trees”  –  Classics of Poetry – Shijing

Welcome (欢迎) to Rhode Island’s home to traditional Taijichuan (Tai-Chi), Qigong, martial arts and healing! Our primary goal is to educate people on healing modalities and martial exercises while simultaneously sharing the ancient traditions handed down from the lofty peaks of China’s mountains.  Classes are taught in a small stress-free setting with personal care taken for each student and safe training practices to ensure the longevity of your studies. Classes are held at Bai Yuan Dao Center for Cultural Heritage, at the Bai Yuan Temple in Riverside. 

White Monkey System (白猿派) is a revival of the oldest martial arts known, from Emei Mountain, by Li Ya-Dang (梨 亞當), Daoist name BaiYun (白云) , a disciple of Emei Shan Lineage, as well as practitioner of Wudang San Feng Pai. See  Lineage for details. Both great mountains have contributed to wushu for millenia and the priceless treasures from the Daoist masters before him are now ready to be shared with those who are ready to learn. This is the educational branch of Bai Yuan Dao Temple, a religious ministry serving the community – http://www.baiyuandao.com.  

“A person who has lived has cultivated for life is indeed cultivation”

I hope you choose to join and continue on the tradition of lineage and cultivation or, at least, come and get in to get some healing and peace in a world full of distractions.


8 thoughts on “Home

  1. liya80 says:

    Fall Taichi classes! Keep fit and train with us! Fall Qigong – Stomach and Spleen Meridian work starting as well. Please call for details.

  2. liya80 says:

    Free Tai-Chi is coming to Barrington Area. Call for details, sign up or ask questions! Series continues On March 10th, every other Saturday 9am – 10. This is a great opportunity to try out Taijichuan and see how you like it!

  3. Pamela Adams says:

    I am responding to an ad I clipped out of a newspaper. I am interested in attending one of your classes & learning more about tai chi. What is your schedule for the free Saturday morning classes? Thank you.

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