Training Philosopy



Train the internal and the external alike

Training Ethic

Li Ya-Dang has been teaching for over a decade now to students from the ages of 3-75.  No matter the age or the constitution the ethics he exercises are the same: to practice and teach safely, patiently and attentively to an individual’s strengths while training one’s  limitations as well.

While training with a shifu is most certainly beneficial, it really only constitutes about 15% of your potential time to grow and attain gongfu (kungfu). That is the very true meaning of gongfu – attainment over time or time and energy expended  to create growth.  Even the most unknowledgeable person has the ability to absorb and learn as well as self-evaluate their own progress, once shown how to. Guidance provides students with safety nets to learn from while helping them study foundational alignment, strengthening and traditions which all sum up to bolstering self- esteem in oneself and providing confidence in their training.


Li also feels strongly that teaching aspects of the White Monkey System as well as internal cultivation combined with external style training will create a well-rounded person and hopefully put them on the right path for their life. For any questions concerning training feel free to Contact the Monkey or call.

Li-Ya’s  Personal Cultivation Philosopy

Both Emei and San Feng Lineages focus on health and cultivation to balance the yin and yang forces of our environment but also in our bodies as well.  By assessing the world that one exists in, a person can see what stresses are on them daily. There are stresses bombarding oneself constantly (family, social, emotional, past, future, work, bills, sleeping, and eating improperly).  For himself, Li Shifu tries to eliminate stresses, as possible, in a world full of busyness. Still working a full time job and also being a teacher is a great exercise in balancing. Because of the constant stimulations, he uses zuowang meditation and qigong practice the most. To combat things which cause constant trouble, strengthening with wushu is beneficial and reduces pent up stresses.  The final aspect is to nourish our organs with qigong and learn to be at peace with ourselves, for many issues with health are created by an imbalanced mind.

The training IS a cure in itself. Wushu can be a tool for cultivation as well as all of the other different systems we train in whether it be Taiji, Bagua, qigong, xingyi, or neidan and meditation.