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     Li Ya-Dang has loved the traditions of Chinese martial arts and healing since he was in high school. For 10 years he studied with Liang Shou-Yu, Wen-Ching Wu and several others through travels. After 18 years of training and cultivation his wish is to draw nearer to personal cultivation as well as outreach to the people of his community.



    Li Ya-Dang was born and raised in New England. As a child he enjoyed play-fighting with his friends and all things martial arts. Although his was raised without any formal training, the yearning within him grew. It wasn’t until later that he began his journey into wushu.

  During his time studying Roger Williams University and commuting to school a calling was felt to seek out and find a master in order to balance all of his work and study as well as  himself. He first studied Taekwondo under the tutelage of the late Keith Medeiros, a 6th Dan Master. At 20, walking into a quiet gym, it was then that he discovered Wen-Qing Wu and began his first steps into Chinese martial arts through Tai-Chi Chuan (Taijichuan). Eventually all his time was diverted to training under his new master and the teachings of his Grandmaster, Liang Shou-Yu. Studying movements from Taijichuan, Northern Longfist, Emei styles and weapons, he absorbed all that he could. He added Baguahzhang, xingyichuan and nèijiā to his training soon enough.  After a few years he was already assisting in classes and began black belt training.

    It was then,  after years of training that an interest in healing was discovered  as well as a proficiency in it. All experiences have a purpose and this is what led him to study healing qigong and the major forms of study within neidan.

Li continued to train with his master to learn how to be  leader as well as instruct others. After  many years, Li decided to “come down off the mountain” and follow the Dao’s path for his life.  He then began the transition from tudi to that of a teacher and master.  Dedicated to research of the Emei system and its current lineage holders he took it upon himself to explore, excavate mysteries of the past in order to reestablish the ancient relics of it’s system to share with all who would learn from him.  His founding of the White Ape System is a reincarnation of Bai Yuan’s original studies along with White Cloud’s inclusion of Buddhist and Daoist teachings together.

After 22 years of martial experience his goal is to pass along the long secretive traditions to a new generation of students.

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 “I feel honored and humbled to be a first generation foreign practitioner, with the heart of Bai Yun. I am a disciple of Emei Shan Wushu, Neidan a practitioner of  Sanfeng Pai as well.  I’m dedicated to the cultivation of my martial and healing skills so I may share it with all that I am blessed to instruct.”

Li Ya-Dang (Bai-Yun)                                                                                                                

Lineage Holder of Emei Bai Yun Bai Yuan Pai

Sifu Li

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