My Teachers


“All students start with an empty cup that is to be filled by one or many teachers over the years, drinking in their teachings and filling the cup again to take in more. These are my teachers that I wish to honor and thank for all they’ve done for me” – Li

Grandmaster Liang Shou-Yu  梁守渝  on Left     (June 23, 1948 –   ) 167489_116120648460716_6306107_n.jpg

Liang, Shigong “Strong Man of China” was born in Chongqian, Sichuan and began his training in qigong under his famous grandfather and qigong master Liang, Zhi-Xiang. With him he trained in Emei esoteric qigong and Da Peng-Gong until he was 8. His grandfather then presented him to Emei masters to train in wushu there where he studied the martial arts of Emeishan

He also trained with Hong Ze Great Master (洪澤大師)  from Zhen Wu Mountain (真武山), where he mastered Swimming Body, (Swift Dragon) Baguazhang, Deer Hook Sword, Bagua Crutch and Wujiquan (無極拳).

(1959-1964) – Liang studied Qinna and Shua Jiao (wrestling), where he excelled in his study of power training winning many gold medals in wresting and weight lifting and earning him the title of Strong Man. By the time he was twenty he already trained with 10 of the most famous contemporary masters of the day and had learned Chen Taijiquan, Wudang Pai and Nan Yue.

While in college grandmaster Liang added Xingyichuan, Liuhebafa, Shaolin Longfist, Praying mantis, Qin Na, Vital poinstriking, weapons, Chuo Jiao and yang taiji.

During the cultural revolution his family, who was considered bourgeoisie, were sent to a remote area where he trained many local students and formed a strong wushu team. To avoid the Red Guard he decided to tour the country where he often taught secretly in alleys to hide from communist enforcement.

After the Cultural Revolution had ended The Sichuan Government appointed Liang as head coach of the City and entire region where he was listed as one of the top national coaches since 1949. This was in 1978.  He often was a judge for competitions and competed as well earning four gold medal in the years following.

He is a member of the China National Wushu Association and an Executive of the Wushu Coaches Committee.

In 1981 he was appointed the wushu coach for the University of Washington, in Seattle and the following year became the head coach of the North American Taiji Athletic Association. He coached as well for the University of B.C. in Vancouver where he moved to in 1982  and the Head Coach for the Canadian Wushu Team.  His teams have won many competitions and have become revered in China for their skills.

In Vancouver, Liang Shou-Yu founded the International Wushu Sanshou Dou Association in 1987 which promotes all systems of martial arts and a Xiao Yao attitude towards training and freeing oneself of style and the strictness of form. “Be like water”, if you will.

He is a role model and a national treasure to China and to Master Li. “The fondest of memories are studying Xingyi Spear in the hot summer heat in Rhode Island and drinking ancient pu er on the back porch of Master Wu’s home in Riverside. Liang Shou-Yu emanates compassion and love in his teachings and I have a long way to go before I could ever hold a candle to his accomplishments.”  – Li

Master Wen-Ching Wu   (1964 –   )  165642_116119945127453_1373294_n.jpg

Wen-Ching Wu was born in Taiwan in 1964, in a farming village named Establishing Peace, located in the north. In high school, he attended an international school in West Africa for three years before he came to the United States, in 1983 to attend Northeastern University. Here he graduated with honors in mechanical engineering and began studying kung fu and taijiquan in the evenings with Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming.  After he graduated he worked in mechanical engineering and taught Shaolin Kung Fu and Taijiquan for Dr. Yang.

In 1986 he met Master Liang and began his training with him and began learning all of the arts mentioned above that Liang Shou-Yu mastered. In 1990, after rigorous training under Liang, Wen-Ching competed in the United States National Chinese Martial Arts Competition where he was named Grand Champion in Internal and External martial arts having won all eight of the events he competed in.  During this time he spent with Master Liang he learned Wushu, Xingyiquan, Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Liuhe Bafa, White Ape Sword, Emei traditional martial arts and Qigong.

In 1989, Mr Wu also began studying with Professor Wang Ju-Rong, daughter of famous sword hero Wang Zi-Ping.  From her learned Chaquan, Taijiquan, Green Dragon Sword, Qigong and Chinese medicine.

After this, in 1991 He founded Way of the Dragon – School for Health Healing and Martial Arts and began writing and has published many books on the subjects of Kung fu, Taiji, Baguazhang, Xingyi and Qigong, to name a few.  His Way of the Dragon Publishing company has put out numerous dvds, audio and literary works of Master Liang and Master Wu.
In 1998 Master Wu competed yet again, this time at the Fourth Shanghai International Wushu Competition earning more gold medal and was selected that year to be listed in the book China’s Contemporary Wushu Masters.  He was appointed as advisor to the USAWKF – United States of America Wushu Kung Fu Federation and is the Vice Chair of Grandmaster’s International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association as well as a disciple of Master Liang’s.

“I met Master Wu on a spring afternoon  and instantly was drawn to him. I became a student of his at age 20 and trained and taught with him for over a decade.  We have many fond memories together working on his parents house, summer pool parties, and teaching me to be the man I am today. I remember, when going through hard times in life he would tell me keep digging! Just as one digs a well and just starts to hit water, one must continue to dig to create a useable source. The respect I have for both of my teachers of Emei cannot be properly put into words but maybe I can express it to others as I teach”

After my training with Wu and Liang I came across a Daoist master, Li. He has been by esoteric guide and medicinal trainer for years now. Despite his distance from me, in Sichuan, he has encouraged me to expand my learning and teaching and now these gifts handed to me from Emei region can be shared with you!

Master Li, has appointed me to be the US contact for  Bai Yuan Pai Daoist arts in the us and given me the rank of Abbot charging me to open up temples and learning centers throughout the states. It is the greatest honor that could be given from a shifu. I look forward to growing our school and increasing our practitioners at Bai Yuan Dao Center, which is now open and ready to offer learning. Find out more at